# Book our OWSSCI pilot as earlier as possible prefrebly in the year preding are proposed swim date to get the best tides and optium window.

# Note that our club pilot are currently taking bookings for 1 year ahead.

# Register our swim and pay the assocaiation registration fees to the m.s.a.a.a. secretary as soon as possible so they can give us permisions and observer for the events.

# When you booked the swim, swimmers should complete our one free practice in the sea by the OWSSCI.

# Arrange the medical certificate to the club whe you registerd the swim by OWSSCI.

# When you registerd your swim you have to know your swim date and time of your event.

# Swimmers should reach two hours before their swim on the starting point.

# All suceesful swim records will be given to media in th end of the swim season.

# Swimmers are requested to download the forms from websiteof the owssic club to register your swim and for furter action.

# Accident, life, proerty and any other loss is your responsibility and is very strongly recommended.

# Please enclose two photos of swimmer with name printed on the back of photo.

# Be ready for the call from the owssci club pilot for the swim.

# The relay team must confirm that they have to fill the forms separelty and they have to give the name of relay team.

# Whole quotation will be given to the swimmer when they book the swim by the club.

# The documents for the permissions
  • + Age Proof
  • + Two Photos
  • + Address Proof
  • + Guardian ID Proof
  • + Self Applications
  • + Registration Fees (Cheque / DD)
  • + Wiver Download From the Website
  • + Doctors Certificate – download from the website

# The club will have the big ceremony in the end of the swim year the successful swimmers will be awarded by the club in the ceremony.

# While filling the forms please use block letters always quite your name / team name when communicating.

# No drugs or any type of alcohol drinks will be taken by the swimmers on the swim day. the swimmer will be disqulified from the event by the observer.

# If your not in time to book your swim dates then you will not able to swim for the year.

# Swimmer should confirm the swim that which channel you want to swim to the secretary of the club. all channels name s are given on the website.

# If you have any questions contact on emails or contact number.

# Swimmers have to note they have to give documents to the club 1 week before when u booked the swim so the club can submit your documents further requoired permissons and other activities.